Dom’s October Numbers

WBC:   6.7

RBC:   3.41

HTC:   32.9


Free Light Chains:  ALL NORMAL

Kappa:  1.44

Lambda:   1.32

Ratio:  1.08

M-Spike:  0.3  Dropped from 0.5 in April after just a couple of rounds of Rev/Dex/Vel

Dr. Safah cut him loose until after the First of the Year.  She wants him to continue physical therapy.  (Which is going great!)  He used his walker in our house for the first time…. walked 200 feet!

The Zometa has shrunk the lesion on his hip.

She’s very pleased with these latest numbers.

I’m hoping that in January, she’ll tell him that he doesn’t need any more chemo or SCT.  This was just a single Plasmacytoma on his hip.  His blood and bone marrow are clean.