Dom’s Latest Light Chains…. yippee!

Hi gang:

Finally got to take a look at Dom’s Light Chains from May.  I was tickled to see the numbers dropping, but was concerned about his Ratio shooting up.  After some research, I think that this is probably wonderful news.  Looking forward to discussing this with his doctor in August. Link at the bottom.

Light Chains

Kappa  3.3 – 19.4
Labda  5.71 – 26.3
Ratio  0.26 – 1.65

(A Downward Trend in all of these is GOOD.)

Dom’s Light Chains:


March ’13:  19.19
Oct. ’13       14.92
Jan ’14         13.82
May ‘14        7.49


March ’13    19.21
Oct. ’13        16.77
Jan ’14         15.69
May ‘14         0.63


March ’13     1.00
Oct. ’13          0.89
Jan ’14           0.88
May ‘14         11.89
Heavy/Light Chain Ratios May Be A Prognostic Marker For Myeloma Patients

The results of a small Spanish study indicate that heavy/light chain ratios may be a prognostic marker for myeloma patients.

Specifically, the Spanish researchers found that multiple myeloma patients who experienced elevated heavy/light chain ratios after achieving complete remission following a stem cell transplant had longer progression-free and overall survival rates than patients who did not experience elevated heavy/light chain ratios.

According to the study investigators, these results show for the first time the association between a heavy/light chain ratio and sustained remission in myeloma patients.