Dom is a "Hurtin’ Little Cowboy".

We had a Necrosis of the Jaw scare a couple of months ago.  He had a tooth pulled on the RIGHT side of his mouth, then his Oral Surgeon went to work under the gums.

One week later, our follow-up visit went well.  A LITTLE pain, but felt much better.

Skip to last week-

The LEFT side of his jaw started hurting.  By the time the weekend rolled around, he had a difficult time opening his mouth to eat.  It was all swollen, HARD and painful.  *sighing*

His oral surgeon looked at it yesterday, took a mouth x-ray, and had no idea what was going on.  It didn’t show any infection, no fluid, and no bone problems.  He was fairly certain that it isn’t a DENTAL problem.

Wouldn’t you know it-  He sent us to a local Emergency Room in Mandeville, LA.

We were there, of course, for HOURS.  They did a CT Scan using dye-imaging of his mouth and neck.

NOTHING was out of the ordinary.

Our great ER doctor called up one of his associates to take a look.  They were both baffled.  (We loved our Doctor over there!).

They THINK that it’s some type of “FIBROSIS of the Connective Tissue”.  (his skin).  It COULD be “NECROSIS of the Jaw”.  (his bone, but they don’t think so).  Dom has taken Zometa, a bisphosphonate that can cause Osteonecrosis. 

They sent us home with pain pills, antibiotics, and the recommendation for an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor in the area.  He couldn’t get us in until next Tuesday.  *sighing*

So, we’re “ROLLING RIGHT ALONG”, Gang.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!