Dog days of summer

We are done with our summer vacations. Always a bit depressing. We spent a week in Chincoteague. I rented a house right on the bay that is pet friendly and we brought the dog. It was nice. At first we
were a little dismayed about the house. It had VERY low ceilings on the first floor(these are basically old cottages) and it felt really cramped, but, the bedrooms upstairs had vaulted ceilings and ours had 4 windows that all had views of the bay, and a king-sized bed. I woke up every morning and watched birds and boats out on the bay right from my bed. NICE! I’d never get anything done if I had that kind of view at home.
After a few days, we got over the cramped feeling and the location won us over.
The people there are so friendly, it’s hard to come home to the metropolitan area we live in after that.
The house did not have internet so Liv and I were unplugged for most of the week, with the exception of checking e-mail a few times using a free site at an ice cream joint. I think it was a good thing to be “off the grid” for a week. It was a much needed vacation for Tim. They all are. He is having his busiest summer ever and is working weekends and nights trying to stay on schedule. He had the slowest winter he ever had in business, and now, he’s had to turn down quite a lot of work because he just cannot get to everybody. He is stressed, and that sucks, but, it’s better than not having enough work.
Before we went, we had a 75th birthday party, here at our house, for my dad. That went well. It’ll probably be the last big party we have in this family. My mom is not into that kind of attention for herself and her memory is getting really bad. It’s so sad. Nothing to be done, I suppose, but just bear it. My father has put in for some family leave. He should just retire, and may have to soon, but I know he is afraid to. He loves his job and is a people person. He did not like being home when he retired the first time. My mom is getting to the point that she should not be alone as much as she is and I know it will be hard for my dad, both to quit his job, and to answer the same questions over and over all day. As for me, I am in the throws of menopause and hot flashing my butt off again this summer. I am tired all the time too and my brain is fuzzy as heck. Gosh, it isn’t easy being a woman. Health-wise, Tim is doing well, with the exception of headaches, which I think are all stress related. His last check-up went well. His numbers stayed stable, even went down a smidge. At his prior appt. the doc said the recent shingles outbreak could have jumped them up a bit. That’s about all that’s new here. Same old, same old. I turned 48 in Chincoteague. I don’t know how I got this old. Life just blew by me. Tim turns 50 in February. I don’t know what to do for him. How do you have a party with none of his family there? We might take a vacation. None of us have ever been to an “island” so maybe that’s what we’ll do instead. I hate flying, but, it’s his 50th, if that’s what he wants, I’ll suck it up. I’m also nervous about going to some island. When there are medical problems to consider, there’s always the fear that something could happen and you’re in this place that doesn’t have great medical care. UGH, so hard not to think about all those “what ifs.” Oh well, as my sister says, “jump off that bridge when you get to it.”
In some way, our summer has already ended. Liv started with cheerleading practice last Monday. She is also coaching for the recreation league again this year so we went right back to schedules and running around, even though there were 4 weeks left before school starts. Not happy about that. High school is a whole other ball game when it comes to being involved in sports. It is a crazy amount of time commitment. Anyway, hope y’all are enjoying your summer.