Do Multiple Myeloma Survival Rates Finally Approach Cure with Monoclonal Antibodies?? As Discussed by Dr. Asher Chanan-Kahn of Mayo Clinic

Every time we get a new drug in the multiple myeloma treatment arsenal, the life expectancy and survival rates make a jump upward. We currently have alkylating agents(melphalan), immunomodulatory drugs(Thalamid),  proteasome inhibitors(Velcade), and steroids(dexamethasone).  Now there is a new class of drugs called Monoclonal Antibodies(Daratumumab), which uses the body’s own immune system to attack the myeloma.  It is this new class of drugs which Dr. Asher Chanan-Khan of Mayo Clinic discussed at the November 21st Cure Panel Broadcast.  You can listen to this broadcast about this exciting new class of drugs if you CLICK HERE. Nick Van Dyk provided a summary of this presentation on his blog, and you can see it if you CLICK HERE.


I was at an IMF meeting at Mayo Clinic where Dr. Chanan-Kahn was a presenter. He explained the biology of multiple myeloma along with his treatment philosophy, with his only prop being a RED SOLO CUP.  All of the people that I talked with after the meeting were impressed with his ability to bring such a complex disease and it treatments to a level where we all understood and were quite impressed.  Dr. Chanan-Kahn explained that he believes in the philosophy that “Less is Best” when it comes to  treatment, and he is not a proponent of stem cell transplant.  I think you will find this broadcast to be one that you will look back on as a great educational experience.

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