Do it sooner rather than later

Six months after my first stem cell transplant for myeloma (2001) Myra and I discussed my progress and medical future with my haematologist. All was going well, my bloods, IgG etc were normal.
We said we had intended to travel as we got older. He said “do it sooner rather than later.” Rather ominous but that’s myeloma.
He said because of my compromised immune system try to avoid long haul flights and be selective where we travel. Avoid counties with limited hygiene, over crowding and be careful of what I ate.
I was 54, still had to work for an income. Our decision was easy.
We would plan a holiday (vacation) of 2 to 3 weeks once a year. Exploring New Zealand where we live and Australia a three hour flight across the Tasman Sea.
Our themes were keep it simple, let’s have fun, let’s create some memories, lets spend quality time together while I am well.
As we have a son and daughter-in-law in Sydney we factored a few visits there.
Our Australian holidays have been:
Cairns 2003
Sunshine Coast June 2004
Gold Coast 2005
Sydney May 2006
Sydney Christmas 2006
Gold Coast to Sydney Sunshine Coast (2007)
Sydney (NRL grand Final) September 2007
Melbourne May 2009
Sunshine Coast November 2009
Australia has a warmer climate than New Zealand. We travel in May (southern hemisphere autumn/fall) when the day time temperature is about 24C (75F).
Lots of good memories.