DIY Household Cleaners Instead of Toxic Chemicals

Considering the world that we live in I thought it prudent to cover things that many people hardly think about. Or they consider them benign.They actually are not benign and many of these common household and beauty items are toxic.

You consider your dish cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet freshener, aerosol fragrances, fragrance candles, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners etc mostly safe right? Many of you do not blink before buying a bottle or a can of some cleaning product. But when you consider that you can make them yourself for less of a cost to your wallet, why not make it yourself? You could get your children involved with supervision and help them to learn what to do for their own future. Give them the power of self sufficiency.

If you say well I do not have time then you really have to ask yourself some questions:

1.Do you have time to get ready go to the store and go out purchase what you need every time you run out?

2.Do you have the gas money to continually go purchase more chemicals that could be causing health problems in your home?

3.Do you have the money to invest in your health that could be avoided if you just made your own instead?

4.Do you have the money to take your children or your pets to the hospital or the vet?

5.Wouldn’t it be easier to just plan ahead, buy what you need in a larger amount and make it yourself?

6.Would you truly be better off doing what you have always done?

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