Disney World Tip #2

Disney Tip #2: Meeting the Characters
If you return from Disney World without a photo of your child standing next to Mickey Mouse/Cinderella/Tinkerbell, I’m pretty sure Child Protective Services will be at your door within minutes, because, really, what kind of a parent are you? During your trip, you will be constantly on the lookout for characters for your kid to stand next to. It usually doesn’t matter which character it is; if you see someone dressed up in a fuzzy suit, you’re pretty much required to stand in line in the hot sun and make your child pose for a photo with him/her. For example, while we were sitting around the France pavilion at EPCOT eating some crepes and ice cream (see previous entry about the dining plan), we spotted Marie from The Aristocats, and Jay and I got really excited.

“Oh! My! God!” I said, like I was spotting Brad Pitt instead of someone in a giant cat suit. “It is Marie from The Aristocats!!
Would I get excited about Marie from The Aristocats in a non-crepe-eating, non-Disney-World situation? No. No I would not. Has anyone been excited about The Aristocats since 1970? Not really. It’s that old Disney cartoon about singing cats … who are rich … or something.
But we rushed WCK over to meet Marie, and WCK got to hug her and get her autograph in her special Disney character autograph book. We were feeling pretty triumphant until we got over to the United Kingdom and realized that since we’d spent all of that time meeting Marie, they had closed down the line for Mary Poppins.