Disney World Tip #1

Please note: I screwed up earlier today and accidentally deleted this post. It took hours of searching “help” pages that really weren’t much help until I finally figured out how to get it back. So it’s back (thank you, Internet, for saving EVERYTHING out there somewhere in cyberspace), but if you left me a comment, I couldn’t get those back. Please don’t think I deleted your comments! I love comments! Anyhoo, here’s the post:

So, we had our big, crazy trip to Disney World. We got back over a month ago, but I had no idea where to even begin blogging about it. I didn’t want to do a full blow-by-blow recounting of the entire trip (“First, we got on the plane! We had pretzels! We saw clouds!”), but how would I pick out the best highlights? The entire trip was a highlight! How would I ever possibly make it sound as fun as it really was? I can’t!