Last night I was wishing we had a new sofa’s. The ones we have in the lounge are over ten years old and are certainly showing their wear. I don’t mind the shabby chic look, in fact it would be true to say it is my style of choice, but unfortunately these sofa’s are more shabby than chic. So I started looking at eBay and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the most perfect ones going for sale, and they were only down the road (well in the same county). They were stuck at 99p with only four hours to go. Colin agreed we could go for them and I set up our offer price at £220 pounds, which is a lot of money to us at the moment. They are red and gold velvet striped and look sumptuously comfortable. I started to visualise Colin and I snuggling up on the same sofa in front of our wood burner on cold winter nights. You can imagine my excitement when with only a few minutes to go the bidding went up to £55 pounds then 3-2-1, £220 sold, to the the lovely couple living their dream (well nearly, just the cancer getting in the way). My excitement was soon squashed as the two lovely sofa’s hadn’t reached their reserve price. :( I quickly tapped out an email to the seller telling him how much we adored his sofa’s and asking him for the reserve price. Sadly this morning, his response, polite as it was, stated he was asking for a minimum of £600! That is quite a bit of cash for second hand sofa’s but I reckon they are worth it. We don’t however have that much to spend and Colin has pointed out that he thinks they are far to big for our room. I am however bitterly disappointed. Do I plead to Colin that we could at least ask if we could take a look? (I have tried that already and it’s not working so far). Perhaps I could write again to the seller and ask if they don’t sell would he consider a lower price? I shall wait to get out of our most comfortable (and Colin agree’s) EBay purchased divan.

Well if I can get that off my mind for a moment I must get on with what I had promised myself to do yesterday but failed. That is write a list! That shouldn’t be too much of an onourous task. I also want to have another look at my book today and see if I can get another chapter written down. Ooh and I must get round to writing a letter to the neighbours, apologising in advance for any noise or inconvenience our party causes, and inviting them to drop in for a glass of Pimms.

There is so much to do and the days seem to fly past. Now I know why retired people, continue to shop at the weekends, it’s hard to fit all you want to get through into the working week.

Deborah x