Disabled Finances

I think it’s time to elect a new government. Just sweep all of the currently elected critters and their entrenched staff members away and attentively elect new people to serve America’s needs. I sit at night and wonder when a foreign government will start bombarding our coastlines and combatants will flood through the states in order to bring American democracy to the United States. All the while we have been spending trillions of dollars to give democracy a foothold in foreign lands, the same commodity has been draining away from our own shores like the lifeblood of a head shot pig.

For the last couple of decades, things seem to have been going amiss for we who wave the red, white and blue. Politics has become a joke with our congress achieving the absolute lowest confidence rating in the history of the nation. King George had a higher rating while revolutionaries dressed like native Americans tossed tea into Boston harbor. Even as I watch the news and see people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell proudly threaten to shut down the government and cast aside everyone who survives on a government paycheck –except for members of the Congress and Senate that is, they get paid no matter what, I am getting mail from Social Security that’s just as confusing. First they tell me that since I have reached retirement age that I am no longer eligible for Social Security disability. Apparently disability is also required to retire at age 66. Then they explain that since I am of retirement age, the small donations and waivers I receive from programs offered by the VFW and American Legion, by the state or even friends and family, that they will deduct these amounts from the glaringly insufficient to survive on retirement payments I now qualify for. Thank God for the VA. Maybe.

Of course, if the government is shut down, I can kiss goodbye  Social Security payments AND VA benefits. I, like our troops, our federal law enforcement, our postal workers and on and on, will have to find a way to subsist on my own unless the terrorizing  House Republicans who claim more allegiance to the Tea Party than their country (screw that oath of office stuff, no one means it anyway) would rather push the nation into deeper financial turmoil than continue to have their attempts to derail the Affordable Healthcare Act ignored. Never mind that it has already passed both the complaining House of Representatives, the Senate and the President and is now Law. These giants of intellectual poverty don’t care if the nation is handed over to a new owners, so long as they can roadblock absolutely any idea that emanates from the White House, even their own ideas! If the Nigerian occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is for it, then by God, they’re against it and they will save us all from those horrific ideas no matter how many Americans they have to drive into bankruptcy or even kill.

I find myself wondering if I would have volunteered to serve in the armed forces if I were able to see into the future way back when I was full of piss and vinegar. I believed in national service; I believed in the concept of the public servant. Of course, these notions are completely antiquated now, having gone the way of analog television and polyester leisure suits. Would I have caught the disease of self-interest and exploitation so rampant in government? Probably not, most of the troops I’ve spoken to have the same gung-ho attitude and interest in preserving democracy that I did back in the day.  Considering modern politics –which controls the military might of the nation doesn’t seem to have the same sense of cooperation and compromise to achieve the public good they used to. Today’s politicians do not exist to serve the nation, they exist to exploit it for their own benefit and whims. Public servant? Hah! That means a bus boy at a club now, except that the public isn’t invited, it’s on the menu. A private club, it’s members only, our government. A private club which forms a line at the public teat and offers all you can eat buffets to the membership and it’s not only free –they get paid to freed no matter what. That’s right, even if the government is shut down, our Congress and Senate continue to get their paychecks while all others can go without.

It’s funny. Virtually everyone in the nation is complaining bitterly about the way that our politicians have been acting for the last few decades. No one mentions that those of us lambasting away also voted repeatedly to maintain these jokers in their private club. Much like to poor unwashed of the nations that we have sent our drones and troops to –that we might save those people from their contemptible leaders because they don’t seem to be ousting them, I wonder when some nation will take the same view of us.

Jeez. I guess I have to spend money on a bomb shelter. Assuming I get some.