DIMM Memory

“I need some, uh, aw jeez. Uh, for my computer.” he said.

The clerk looked at him questioningly. “A disk drive? Monitor?”

“No, uh. You know.”

“USB hub? SD card reader? Printer?”

“No, um, I need. Oh, man, you know, those little ummm…”

“Speakers?” asked the clerk.

“No, you know. I need …jeez.”


“Yes! I need memory. My computer only has two gig and it runs really slow. I have this optimization software says more memory will speed it up.”

“Oh, no problem. We have every kind you could need.” smiled the clerk.

“Kind? What do you mean kind? I just need memory.”

“For what sort of device? A desktop, laptop, tablet, netbook? …we have it all.”

“I got a desktop.”

“What kind of memory does it take?” asked the clerk. “DDR, DDR2, DDR3?”

“I don’t know. You mean there’s more than one kind?”

“Oh yes, there are DIMMS, SoDIMMs, modules, sticks. What do you need? What does your computer take?”

“I dunno. I forgot what it said.”

“Well, how much memory can it handle, and how much of the capability would you like to fill?”

“I dunno. The software just told me to get more memory. Does it matter which one I get?”

“Well sure. If you get the wrong kind it won’t fit, –or if it fits it might not work.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t know about that stuff. I just know that I need more uh, um, you know.”


“Yeah, memory.”

“Well, you should go on home and check out your computer. Write down what it says it has for RAM and then come on back. If you can tell me what it has I can help you a lot better.”  The clerk went on to explain how to query the computer to learn what kind of memory it took.

“Hi honey,” said the man’s wife. “Where did you go?”

“I was shopping.”

“Oh good. Did you pick up milk, bread and cottage cheese?”

“No, sorry honey. I forgot.”

“That’s all right. I can pick those things up later.” she gave him a kiss on the nose. He smiled at his wife and went into the den and sat down to his computer. Loading up his browser, he visited a favorite website.

“Man,” he mumbled to himself. “This thing is really slow. I wonder if I can speed it up.”