Different dex?

With my new maintenance therapy, I only have to get dexamethasone twice in each cycle, instead of taking it four days in a row. However, instead of four days of 20mg a day,I get two days of 40mg.

So either way, it works out to 80mg out dex over a relatively short period of time.

But I will say, I think the larger doses don’t affect me as much on the actual infusion days. About the same level of tension as the smaller dose used to cause but not the big blast of roid rage I sort of feared.

The post-dex hangover is pretty much the same though. Spent Sunday with my brain buzzing, trying to keep myself in a quiet, calm place. Watching golf on the television seems to help a lot.

It’s all worth it if the drugs do their job. We’ll find out in s couple of months.