Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma – 12 – 30 – 2009

December 30, 2009 my life forever changed
December 30, 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma CANCER

That day, that appointment, is still a blur… except for the word cancer, cancer, cancer
Multiple Myeloma Cancer invaded my body and consumed my life
Multiple Myeloma Cancer consumed my body and invaded my life

Battling MM 2009 became my daily mission
Battling MM 2011 is still my daily mission

December 30, 2009 cancer was winning
December 30, 2011 I am winning

2009 I was just beginning to understand the deadly significance of my blood levels
2011 these blood levels = Remission :)

White counts, Red counts, Platelets and Neutrophils
Lymphocytes, Eosinophils and Basophils
Calcium, Proteins and M-spikes
CBCs, Creatinine, and Glomerular Filtration rates
Leukopenia Anemia
Kappa, Lambda Light Chains and Free W Ratio
(huh??? did my blood sign up for a Sorority or Fraternity!!!)

Beta-2-Microglobulin was outta control
Immunoglobulins IGG, IGM, IGA screamed ABNORMAL results

2009 I am diagnosed with IGA Myeloma cancer
Normal = between 70-400 mg/dL
Me—> topping out over 5630 mg/dL
I was on my way out and didn’t know it!

Bone Marrow Biopsy #1 reveals 67% cancerous plasma Myeloma cells
Bone Marrow Biopsy #2 reveals Chemo cocktails reduce Myeloma to 10%
Bone Marrow Biopsy #3 reveals Stem Cell Transplant pummels Myeloma into Remission
Bone Marrow Biopsy #4 reveals maintenance Revlimid Chemo continues to win!

12 – 30 -2011
I still own REMISSION!!!

Thank you Kaiser/City of Hope Doctors, Nurses, staff members for
saving my life!
So I can continue
 to enjoy moments
like this!
And if you read some Multiple Myeloma cancer statistics…
I shouldn’t still be here…
Happy 2 year Myeloma diagnosis/survival anniversary to me!

But January 2012… brings another family member’s battle…
Does this ever stop?
I didn’t sign up for this ride… can we get off now… please!!!