I tried to postpone it as long as possible, but there was no other option: Dexa!!!!!!! Yesterday I took 20 mg, a modest weekly dose. Today I look like a redhead after a sleepless night. Tears in my eyes after three hours listening to my favorite Matthäus Passion. This time in bed on my fantastic Koss headphones. It seems to work though on my painful spot, but I learned I shouldn’t cheer too soon. After my last too early optimism I still needed my painkillers very hard. For about a week or 6 I am capable to little or nothing. The only things I can do is mailing and calling. I follow the news and I have a lot of fun with my Ipad. It seems like I already sold my caravan. This is something I can do from my lazy chair. After one day on the Internet I already had a serious bid, and.. you only need one buyer! If all goes well it will be picked up by the end of the week. One care less.