Dex, MRI, Pomalidomide Approval Sought For Relapse – February 28 2013

The 40 mg of Dex I had yesterday pretty much kept me awake all night, but I kept busy with watching television and doing computer work.

Went to Walmart (wore my N95 mask) before my MRI of the hip and pelvis appointment at 10:15 AM. I’m so used to wearing this mask, it doesn’t phase me when people stare.

At St. Luke’s Hospital Radiology, I discovered they had me come 1 hour early to fill out 3 pages of paperwork (fortunately, I had a written summary of all my previous tests with me, which helped in filling the form out), get my clothes changed with no metal, and be ready for the MRI Exam. The MRI Exam took 1 1/2 hours and technician Melissa was very good about explaining time frames to me. I was happy to have the ear plugs and ear muffs.  I must have fallen asleep in the MRI Scanner because it didn’t seem like 1 1/2 hours.

Had a call from the St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI (Mountain States Tumor Institute) Pharmacy and they are working hard to get me approved for the pomalidomide. I have to call Celgene and complete a Pomalidomide SURVEY – basically to assure I cannot get pregnant and will not share the medication with others and not donate blood since this medication is a derivative of thalidomide (known to cause severe birth defects). This SURVEY has to be filled out every 6 months. I called and talked to my Anthem Insurance Transplant Coordinator RN letting her know that they were requesting pomalidomide for me. Now, I just have to wait to hear about the decision. Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) costs $10,500 for a 21 day supply.

Drove home to Mackay on dry roads. Just as I arrived home at 3 PM, it began to snow.

The 40 mg of Dex has my face puffy with bright red cheeks. Don’t look at my weird hair….

Fell asleep on the sofa late afternoon and slept until 9 PM. Got up and went to bed and couldn’t sleep AGAIN…but, I stayed in bed all night without any technology to keep me awake.