Determination Pays Off

Forget Mo Farah and the London Marathon. The most important sporting achievement on Sunday 13th April, 2014, was Emi the Determined completing the Vienna Half Marathon in two hours and fifteen minutes, and raising over €1000 for Myeloma UK in so doing.

I was fully expecting to hear and then to write on here that she hadn’t been able to complete it: I saw her during a trip to London just a week before, and she had injury problems. A groin muscle strain had appeared after just 8km of running back in Vienna (and bear in mind a half marathon is 21km). In London, having rested for a week, the same problem kicked in after just 2km and she had to stop. Obviously neither of us wanted her to do herself an injury. So, although she was planning to rest and then attempt the run, it looked more than likely that she would end up having to stop, and attempt another event at a later date instead.

But she did it! I am in awe. On top of everything else, Emi has two small kids and turned forty in November. As a non-running Viking myself who even in pre-myeloma days would have to put in significant training to run 5km (and no, I am not exaggerating for comic effect), I really admire the feat both physical and mental of crossing that finish line. We haven’t spoken yet but I know via the medium of Whatsapp that at the 15km point she really didn’t think she’d be able to do it. But she did it. I’ll be thinking of that on the tough days when I think ‘I can’t do this’ also.

It’s not too late to sponsor Emi to say well done for living up to her Viking name of Emi the Determined. You’ll also see from the Vikings team page that Lily the Intrepid is also doing a great job on fundraising ready for her run on 4th May. And Team Viking is expanding! There will be a Brussels contingent running the 20k on May 18th! More details on that in due course, but I think for the first time there will be male Vikings, and yet more nationalities being added to the hordes. I’m really touched.

In a nice coincidence, Lily’s run is on the same day as my niece Alice’s baptism, and the Brussels run by Jacks and co will be on the day I’ll be godmother to little Sophie the Brilliant, daughter of my very good friends. So while I won’t be running or cheering them on in person, I’ll be doing my bit by rejecting Satan, which surely can’t go amiss.

In other news, item number one: I have a personal trainer and have signed up for 8 weeks! I’m as surprised as you are by this, but it’s a Very Good Thing. I will write more about it another time. Item number two: I’m on holiday! After a lovely weekend in Bristol I’m now relaxing in glorious sunshine in the Wiltshire countryside.

I’m finding these days that although I have plenty of time to compose blog posts in my head, I have very little time to write them. So Myeloma, My Arse! may go through a relatively slow patch: but don’t worry, no news is usually good news.

Unlike David Cameron, I am not going to pose for a photo shoot in casual attire on my holiday to show you all what a lovely time I’m having. But, to end with some pictures, here from Clotilde the Fabulous is evidence of the global reach of this blog and my cheerleaders: from a beach in Morocco!





Yours, chillaxing,

Helga on Holiday x