Dere Peter Pan

Just when I thought I’d never come up with a blog topic for today, I discovered a letter on the living room floor. Addressed to Peter Pan.

To: Peter Pan
Frum: WCK
Adrest: Nevre Land, Lost boys tree

Dere Peter Pan,
I was thinking that our ball will be on tusday. Hav you evre hrde of thangiving? If you have hrde fo it. Then I’m having a Thang giving prty at 12:00 pm in my room. Or in Nevr land.


PS. I love you

Haven’t I been telling you she’s the World’s Cutest Kid? Haven’t I? I think it’s very sweet that, while a lot of girls in the second grade are writing “I love you” letters to people like Justin Bieber, WCK is still in the Peter Pan stage. Peter Pan is one lucky guy. I wonder if he’s actually going to show up. I should probably clean the house.

If WCK ever finds out that I read this, let alone posted it on the Internet, she’s going to be really, really mad, but probably for only 15 years or so. Then, after some therapy, she’ll forgive me and think I’m an amazing mother for preserving this part of her childhood for all to see. In theory.