I haven’t blog for 2 months! What a delinquent! I cannot imagine how I have neglected my cyber friends and gone all quiet. Firstly and more importantly, I am well. The marker is reasonably stable and getting a few weeks of drug holiday to assess whether it is possible to have a Revlimid break. It is almost 3 full years of Revlimid and low dose dexa. 
Its not completely nothing, I am off Revl but maintain dexa 12mg once a week for a few weeks. Do bloodtest this week to assess the effect, before dropping dexa, if possible? Even having a break of just one drug equals to less fatigue and more energy. Trust GOD and pray wisdom for doc to know which way to go. 
Secondly, we have to move from Gleneagles to NUH (National University Hospital) as our doctor of 5 years (for personal reason) is unable to service us. Starting anew with another myeloma specialist can be challenging but he is friendly and knowledgeable. He is much busier and has lots more patients but so far very responsive via email! An episode of cold and cough was effectively and efficiently attended to and medicated by email communication. I am quite happy with it, since I don’t have to get into the hospital crowd! 
I am back ….