Decluttering continues

IMG_0015I’ve been on a new decluttering kick. Going thru things again and letting go of more layers. It’s amazing once you aren’t sentimental about something how easy it is to let go. Plus, I’ve been asking myself ‘if I was moving would I take it’?  So I got rid of 4 more cookbooks since I actually have never made anything out of them, just like the pictures. So if I was moving ,no I wouldn’t take them…Decluttering even more our laundry area. This is a small room built off the back of our house. maybe a little hokey and if we ever were going to sell I’m not sure how it would be viewed. But it is a nice space for our washer and dryer  and small chest freezer which, has been one of best purchases ever. plus, there’s shelves for storage.  I’ve managed to reduce the Waldorf stuff to 2 small bins and will go thru them even more. I don’t need to keep those cute books for my adult children. I took out the old rug and am going to get something else at Home Depot but for now ,I have the extra bathroom mat I’ll put down. Also , hanging on 2 pegs are our emergency packs with items that would be useful if there was ever an evacuation like a fire.

This is a set of some English china. I haven’t used them in a few years yet they were hanging out with my other white dishes. So, off they go to the pet thrift store.

I also went thru another box of photos and threw out a bag of duplicates, fuzzy pictures and ones that just weren’t interesting. In total it was probably 1/2 a garbage bags worth between  2 boxes. Also, I’m consolidating our tools we keep in the house to just one drawer in my ‘new office space’. I need a few things more but I repurposed a plastic bin to hold the screw drivers. Still need something for batteries. It seemed I was all over yesterday but I felt productive.

Today I’m off to Sacramento for my next shot. I’m not shopping today as pay day isn’t till tomorrow.  So it  should be a quick trip down and back. We still haven’t heard anything on our Harp refi, so I emailed the guy and asked what’s up ? it doesn’t take 4 weeks to get a subordination on our second.  If I don’t hear today, I’ll email again. I may check with our credit union as to whether they do refi’s with the Harp program. Since its a loan that doesn’t require income doc, appraisal or other things not sure if they do.

Dinner tonight is leftover taco meat and beans together, so Chili!! with tortillas.