December + Biopsies = Cancer

Friends are advising us to stay away from Doctors around New Years and head to Hawaii, staying as far away from medical facilities as possible— and here’s why:

December 2009 = Bone Marrow Biopsy for me
December 2011 = Cystourethroscopy for my son Scott

December 30, 2009 = I am diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma
December 29, 2011 = My son Scott is diagnosed with a Bladder mass/tumor

Surgery pre-op appointment
Little did we know the seriousness to come

January 2010 = Trying to begin to process I have a BLOOD CANCER
January 2012 = Trying to begin to process that Scott has BLADDER CANCER

January 2010 = I begin powerful Steroids and Revlimid Chemotherapy
January 2012 = Scott has surgery to remove the bladder mass/tumor

Our smiles are deceiving…
This was before we knew the biopsy results

We’re all full of smiles of optimism
Then a week later…
the Biopsy news Revels the Tumor WAS Cancerous

I’m not sure which is worse:
A mother’s son having tumor removal surgery, then being diagnosed with cancer, but declared “cured”
Or me, his mother, being diagnosed with incurable cancer 

Can someone please help us make sense of all of this…

And the cancerous theme continues:
Molly our beautiful doggie is hanging on… sinus/bone cancer hasn’t won yet, but her tumor is tennis ball size now

This pic was taken a month ago; tumor is much bigger now :(
She’s such an amazing doggie!
Molly still basks in the sun and tries to play with her buddies,
even though she’s hemorrhaging from the nose

Another close family friend has uterine/edometrial cancer and begins chemo later this month
Brian (my student then, like a son now) is still battling his cancer that migrated to become brain cancer; he may have to have brain surgery
Another close family friend just had a double mastectomy

Can anyone help us make sense of all of this?

Note the yellow arm band…
(thank you Brian)