December 14, 2009… And So IT Begins…

December 14, 2019

10 years ago today…
Yes 10 years ago December 14, was my very first Hematology Oncology appointment at Kaiser.

After extensive, surprise, extra detailed blood tests, beyond the “normal, regular” labs done for “routine annual physicals”, I was referred to Hematology… Hema… what, I questioned??? They must have mixed up my labs with some sickie with a similar ID number…
Oh yes, I was the sickie, but I didn’t know it…

I’m pretty sure my GP doctor knew what was up, as he was super Urgent with my Hematology referral, which I delayed from November to December, thinking, ya ya, I’m ok, nothing wrong with Super Woman Julie… just super fatigued, just bleeding out a lot, in several places daily, just breathless, just achy, just so tried I could hardly function, just lots of weird headaches, dizziness, bone aches, so thirsty all the time, always getting sick from all the college cooties… ya ya, nothing wrong with me… I’ll just drink more Red juices to bump up my blood strength, and maybe eat a steak or 2 more often. Nothing wrong with me, but what the heck, I’ll go to this appointment in Hema-whaaaateeevvvverrrr…..

When I checked in, I even said to the super nice check in girl… “I’m sure I’m in the wrong Dept”, and “I’m sure this is a mistake”, “I’m sure I don’t belong in this Dept”… and “how weird, Oncology is in this Dept too”. “Oncology… hmmmm… isn’t that Cccccccancer related”… Yep, I’m for sure in the WRONG Dept….

I checked in.
I waited for my appointment.
I met a new lovely doctor.
Who talked to me about my labs, asked me how I was feeling. Took a lot of time asking me about symptoms, which of course I down-played.

She sent me for more labs that day.
Then scheduled me for more appointments with her.
Then sent me for more labs after those labs… “Stat”… what’s Stat?
Then called me one day, and I actually answered my cell…
She said certain labs showed I was very sick. I should be hospitalized. I need “blood products”… huh??? Me? No, must be a mistake. Jim is upset I’m not taking all this seriously. I refused hospitalization. I refused blood products. I’ll just drink more Red juices. Eat more steak. Wow this is fun, I can eat and drink what I want, and still Lose Weight!!! I’m fine….

More Labs, more phone calls. More symptoms. More ignoring it all. I was just fine. Bleed on!

End of the semester stress. Student Finals. Stress. Lots of desperate students. Stress. Holidays coming. Stress. New Years coming. Lots going on. Stress. I’m not going to the hospital. That’s for sick people. I’m not sick. I just have some weird symptoms. Maybe just end of the year stress. I’ll just drink more Cranberry Juice and eat more Steak…

And then I was scheduled for a Bone Marrow Biopsy… a What??? I think Scott Googled it and said, “Wow Mom, that’s a really painful procedure”… I don’t remember if I Googled it… My first BMB was scheduled for December 18, 2009….

Nov 22, 2009
Whoo Hoo 50!!
I didn’t feel well here. 
Never did eat my cake :((
Nov 22, 2019
Whoo Hoo 60!!
Wow, Myeloma hasn’t won yet
10 years post diagnois!
Still so surreal…
This can’t be MY Life…. 
And so the journey began.
But I didn’t know what journey.
For the first time, I cried a lot, on Dec 18, 2009, during my first Bone Marrow Biopsy. Shaking, sobbing, crying.. reality hitting type crying…
I knew then I was seriously sick. I just didn’t know how sick, and with what…
The story continues 12.19.2019
Thank you for reading, caring and being interested in my life story. 
Stay well. Stay happy. Create the best life you can, with whatever your circumstances are. I’m trying every day. Trying to stay positive and optimistic, under our dark cloud of Myeloma and Alzheimer’s…