Dear diary

The half cake was a big hit last night! I also bought WCK a little gift: A little diary with a lock on it. She had been asking for one, and she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. I told her that whatever she wrote/drew in the diary would be top secret just for her, unless she specifically brought it to Jay or me to look at. Last night and this morning, she spent time “writing in her diary”, and, OK, I admit it, I am dying to know what she is writing/drawing about in there. It’s not that I think she has any deep dark secrets, it’s that I’m sure it’s extremely cute.
Oh, I want to go look at it so much.
But I won’t, because I know diaries with locks on them are sacred. At least, mine was until my sister figured out how to pry open the lock in third grade, but that’s an entirely different story. Besides, WCK announced that she “hid” both of the teeny-tiny keys where I would never find them, and I’m wondering if she will ever find them again. The child often has trouble finding things that are in plain sight. We once had the following exchange:
WCK: Where is my granola bar??!?!?!?!ME: It’s in your hand.WCK: Oh.
And this morning we had a huge drama because she could not find her purple barrette and was forced to wear a blue barrette, like an animal. But that’s an entirely different story.
So there’s a very good chance that neither one of us will see the inside of that diary, at least until my sister comes to town and can pry open the lock for us.