DCA – Sodium Dichloroacetate

Is this the cure for cancer that they don’t tell you about.

It’s been around for quite a while, but because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money out of it as a patent can’t be applied due to the fact that it is is a molecule, they aren’t interested in providing funding and research.

Dr Michelakis and Archer of the University of Alberta seem to be the only ones that are doing any research at all into this, but find it hard to get the funding needed for complete studies.

You can read all about it at http://www.thedcasite.com and can purchase it from http://thedcastore.com

Its seems remarkable how people are using to cure brain tumours and breast cancer as well as lymphoma.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has tried it for Myeloma. I don’t mind being the first to find out it cures that as well though, so I may even consider this as an option for me. What have I got to lose. I’m certainly going to have a discussion with my medical team about it, to see what they say.

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