After 20 days of Revlimid 25 mg you find out the full impact that it has on your body. And of course not only the Revlimid, but also the Dexamethasone and the Adriamycine. Tiredness, problems with digestion, mouth problems, cramping legs and of course sleepless nights during the dexadays. After the dexa of course the dexa dip days and nightly bathroom calls to loose the fluids that the body has retained during the dexa days. A quiet night is something that you can only daydream about.

Next week will be pause week; I look very much forward to that. You really need that to get into the battle mode again. Then the whole story starts again and one more time.

I can handle all of this, because the result counts. But sometimes it gets really hard. Insecurity suddenly hits you. What if…… An insecurity that so many fellow patients have to cope with. Especially at night you have time enough to worry….