I have been coming to the Macmillan Cancer Centre since the 29 August and only today, the 10 January, have I discovered the mystery place called ‘Daycare’. I have always thought that ‘Daycare’ was on the second floor where I am always treated, but no, I was wrong. ‘Daycare’ is actually Haematology Daycare up on the fourth floor.

It’s a dreamland up here. To be clear, I like the second floor where everybody knows my name and I mean them no discourtesy when I say it is a dreamland in ‘Daycare’. A quiet dreamland.


First things first, after I was directed upstairs by Joint Favourite Second Floor Receptionist 1, I discovered some new art designed to put us cancer patients at ease.


Thanks, I do have a pretty face.

I then booked myself in at the new reception to find that I had a designated seat booked for my treatment (the bone juice), number 8 and I was given a token for a hot drink. To top it all off, it turns out there is a nurse up here who knows my name too. It was all very pleasant, and was only accompanied by a 25 minute minute wait.

So now, I am sitting on a reclining chair, getting my Zometa whilst listening to something that wants to be Magic FM. Hang on, an advert just came on, it is Magic FM.


If only my consultation could be like this.