day1 4am ramblings

i think i slept better than the night before but am still worn out.  i am getting Zorfan anti nausea med along with a few other things.  i dont feel nauseous yet but i’ve also not tried to eat anything.  But the part (not for faint of heart) is the protection you have to do from various fungal type bacteria that could form.  something you deal with all the time but your body fights it off.  these bacteria occur in spots where its dark an humid – armpits are one – i’ll let you guess the others.   theres a mixture of two ointments that need to be placed around one area and then a powdered substance, like baby powder that needs to be applied to the others – every four hours.

if it wasnt 432 i probably sharing this but i’m tired and need to do something.  and i knew Mike my fellow MM’er would love this post – go get ’em Mike!