Day Zero

This is what my myeloma cells look like!

Today is Day Zero -the day I undergo the actual transplant. Yesterday, I received my second vial of the dreaded Melphalan. I sucked on ice chips for about 2 1/2 hours before and after the Melphalan injection, to protect against mouth sores. Today at around 10 am, I get my cells back to replace the ones destroyed by the Melphalan. It is rather anti climatic. Takes about 20 minutes and is rather unexceptional, except I’ve been warned that the cells carry an odor that is something on the order of “creamed corn”. I’m told that I will lose my taste for food and will need to force myself to eat. I’ll also get pretty fatigued starting today. And the Melphalan is like a ticking time bomb,which will bring on nausea and other discomforts as soon as tomorrow.

Yesterday was action packed. I took a walk to the outdoor plaza level. Watched an episode of Breaking Bad on my iPad. Read several chapters of a book entitled “Employee of the Year” written by Dmitri Ragano whom I work with at Herbalife. The book is quite good! Received visits from Rabbi Mark Hyman, Ken Goldstein, and Susan who joined me for dinner and a TV interview with her not so secret obsession, George Clooney. That plus the usual tests and medication visits made for a very busy day.

So, I’m still feeling fine, but apprehensive about how I’ll be this time tomorrow. Stay tuned!