Day Two of Consolidation I

Things going well. Back to 100 pills a day – just kidding…
But I am back to taking ant-viral, anti-fungus, antibiotic, tamiflu – all these are just preventive maintenance. In addition, I am on VelcadeThalDex-PACE . Day two is going well. Gained 4lbs thanks for Dex’s water retention. In a couple of days I will be ready to explode. I have the bag till Friday.

The weather here continues to be hot and muggy. So much so that I took a picture of this squirrel taking a major nap, not able to get up due to all this heat. How do you like that? My office desk is right in front of the window, so I get this beautiful scenery with flowers, exotic birds and animals. It is nice sitting in the cool air-conditioned house and watching all this unfold in front of me.

Thank you so very much, Gayle and Ken!!! I am totally hooked on See’s Candies now!
And the “Luck of the Irish” is doing its job and really working for me! Thank you!

More later.