Day Three: May the Fourth be with you

WCK, Jay, and I have observed Star Wars Day on May the Fourth every year for the past few years. Last year, I went all out and cooked a special meal: Boba Fett-uccini, Qui Gon Jinn-ger fruit salad, Yoda Soda, and Wookiee Cookies. WCK, Picky Eater Champion of the World, only ate the Wookiee Cookies. She even rejected the Yoda Soda because, and I quote, “It was green.” Then she spent a year reminding me often that she did not care for the Boba Fett-uccini. (My opinion: It was as tasty as it was cleverly named.)

This year I was less than motivated to search for special Star Wars recipes, so I kept putting it off. This morning, WCK started asking me what our Star Wars meal was going to be, and I realized that I hadn’t planned one. So I just gave Star Wars names to what I’d planned to make anyway (Chewbacca chicken casserole, Greedo green beans, and Boba Fett fruit salad). For dessert, we had ice cream cones, but I called them “Ice Cream Clones.” I bought chocolate and vanilla ice cream, so we could choose between Dark Side ice cream and Light Side ice cream. Then Jay pointed out to me that there really is no Light Side of the Force, that it’s just The Force. Fine. Jay and WCK had Dark Side ice cream; I had The Force ice cream.

WCK insisted that we dress up for dinner. She was Princess Leia, and she used the Halloween costume that she wore when she was five months old. I know it sounds physically impossible, but with a pair of white leggings, she actually pulled it off. Jay stuffed a pillow inside his shirt and said he was Jabba the Hutt’s nephew.

Now, I had just spent minutes microwaving the Chewbacca casserole, so I was worn out and didn’t feel like coming up with a costume. Then it hit me: I finally had an excuse to wear the Cat Hat.

Remember the time I posted a photo of my grandma wearing a cat outfit? My aunt still had the hat, and she sewed me a new tail and gave them both to me for Christmas. Of course, I posed for photos in the hat on Christmas Day, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it again … until today, when I realized it would make the perfect Ewok costume.

So today we ate dinner in the dining room, WCK clothed in a dress meant for an infant, Jay’s shirt bulging with a pillow inside, and me sporting a fuzzy black cat hat. Jay and I prayed that nobody would ring the doorbell, and nobody did. The Force was with us.