Day Three…

…and counting. This is my third day in the hospital and I just finished my third round of chemo with Fludarabine. I still feel ok, just waiting for Monday and the actual transplant. I am, however, rediscovering, however, one aspect of life in the hospital. It can be and often is mind numbingly boring! My universe now consists of a small room, and a corridor about 30 yards long. I can walk down to the window at one end, and back to the double doors at the other. I’m pretty sure that nothing exists beyond those doors, even though I have seen people go through them and come back. I just know if I go through them I’ll fall off the edge of the world, because there is nothing past those doors for me, not yet anyway. It’s going to be about a month before I can go back through those doors. I plan on going through them and never returning. I plan on going through them as a survivor.
Deacon John
March 24, 2010
St. Peregrine, Pray for us.
Blessed John XXIII, Pray for us.