Day seven

Today is day seven post transplant and most everything is still going well. Marks white blood cell count hit bottom and now is back on the rise. Still no immune system right now.
Last night Mark broke out in a rash that had welts the size of silver dollars. I gave him some Benadryl, and we talk to Andrea the PA today. Mark is allergic to the Neupogen shot they give him to boot his stem cell production. As long as he takes the Benadryl he doesn’t itch and the rash calms down. So we can continue to boost the cells this way. He was tired before, now he is really tired.
Tomorrows visit Mark will receive platelets, his platelet count has dropped, this is normal. Mark didn’t need platelets with the first transplant. So Mark will get platelets, the neupogen shot and the daily antibiotics.

Well Mark’s hair all came back in so nice. Bad news it is all going to fall out again any day now .
Mark is on the up hill side of this. Lets all hope it stays on this good side.