Day One: Thirty-two days of blogging

First of all, my M-spike remained the same this month at 1.5, which means the Revlimid is still succeeding at kicking some M-spike butt.

Ha ha ha, M-spike! I am laughing at you!

Second of all, I know I have not blogged in a super long time. It’s been 32 days, to be exact. I don’t have a good excuse at all. I continued to put off the blog, and then tons and tons of people (or, to be more exact, two people) asked about it. Today I decided I needed to start it back up again. To make up for all of the days I missed, I have decided to punish challenge myself with a 32 Day Blogathon. I will post to the blog every day for 32 days in a row. For 32 days, I will push myself to come up with something fun and witty and informative, unless, of course, I get really lazy and decide to post a New Kids on the Block video. We all need to rest sometime, right?