Day–? Lost count – about week 7 post SCT

Hey folks, Thanks for all the message’s you’ve sent. I’ve put them all in the comments file from my last posting (day 36).
Life just seems so busy , I don’t know how you all find time to go out and work for a living.
Phil, what am I going to do with all these gherkins that are growing in my greenhouse? Too bitter to eat as cucumbers. Thanks for the book and the post card. Hope it was a good break.
DM – yes good to see you in late August if you are over – I’m due back at work in September.
I saw my consultant last Friday. All well. Neuts. 2.68. Platelets normal. So all good. Paraproteins at 7 – these are what they measure to see if the cancer is still active. (Below 15 or there abouts is regarded as remission in my case) For you guy’s they will be zero. They don’t expect them to drop down much further for a month or few. Just as long as they don’t go up we’re all happy.
Strength and stamina are almost returning. At least I feel better. I’m on a course of steroids at the moment to try and tackle my nausea etc. Seems to be working so far.
Advertisement section: My very good friend Rob is tackling an ‘end to end’ in July. That’s Lands End to John O’Groats on a bicycle.(The full length of the UK)
He’s doing this with me in mind amongst others. For which I feel most humbled. I wish I could go too.. He’s trying to raise some money for Leukaemia research in the UK and KWF Kankerbestrijding which is a Dutch cancer charity, -Rob’s based in Amsterdam-.
So dig deep folks. Rob said he’d buy a pint for the first one so sponsor him on this site:
Oh…..sorry that’ll be my beer