Looking out my window over UNC-CH campus with Carolina blue sky and sunshine, a few thoughts crossed my mind: There are many people here who aren’t doing near as well as I am and I feel very thankful that I feel so good; I want to thank those who donate platelets, because people like me need them to survive; I know now I’m on the upside of this proceedure and that makes me feel fantastic! My WBC is still.1 but thanks to two units of packed red cells and 4 bags of platelets yesterday, my HCT is 28.4 and platelets are 70. Apparently, since I am on a blood thinner to prevent the blood clots from forming again since my Thal/Dex days, they don’t want my platelet counts to go below 50 because then there is a big threat for unclotted bleeding. So they continue my blood thinner but try to keep my platelet count around 50. Interesting fact…platelet donations only last for a few days so it is something hospitals always have a need for. The HCT count needs to stay around 25 or higher because that’s the red blood cells that carry the O2 throughout the body. When it falls below 25 it becomes difficult to exercise. My shower yesterday morning wore me out. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, comments, and prayers….Gary