Day by Day

So things (for the most part) are returning to a false sense of normal.  Mom is keeping Dad full of trips and vacations and we are almost forgetting that something is different.

I say almost. Until we are jerked into reality by something such as a slow moving car as it heads directly into the van ahead of us. And we suddenly see it as a metaphor for what’s going on – there’s nothing we can do. Mom tries to put it into neutral, but the only thing Michael and I can do is scream from the back seat.  No one was hurt. This time.

April 2012

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind. Mom and Dad came to visit Michael and I in Mass. We had a fantastic time exploring the North Shore and surrounding area. We had Easter Brunch at the Omni Parker House – one of our favorite hotels.

When Dad got home, unfortunately, he got Shingles.  Ouch. Complications like Shingles are common when your immune system is down.  While the numbers seem to be improving, Dad’s third round of Chemo is not as easy as the last two. He practically fainted after one, causing Mom to be very concerned. She’s considering not letting him drive after Chemo anymore.

Mom and Dad still seem to be against stem cell transplant, holding out on hope that there’s some cocktail that will give quality and quantity of life.

Last weekend, we went to Niagara Falls and then to Grandma’s house to try to sort out some things. The positive is that I’m now the owner of a 1997 Toyota Camry (I’m naming her Princess Cam…for now). However, there’s still a lot of work for Dad to do and I think it’s a bit overwhelming for him. A lot of paper work and trying to figure things out.

It was nice to see the Gourley side of the family and I can’t wait to meet Tim and Jessa’s new little baby when she finally gets here. :)

I’m hoping everything can get sorted out and I wish that there was more I could do to help.  As I’ve finally given away my Texas Driver’s License (I’m officially a Mass Resident now!), I’m suddenly realizing how very far away from home I am.

<3 Cara