Day 98 – The Day After and the start of official Remission!

So, as you can probably tell from the title, we had pretty good news yesterday when we went to the hospital! I meant to write this last night, but by the time we had got home and had a glass of wine to celebrate, I was too exhausted!!

We got to the hospital around 10.30 yesterday. We could have got there earlier, but when my sister asked if we wanted a cup of tea when we dropped the kids off, it seemed like a good idea. Nothing like procrastinating!! Anyway, I gave my usual blood donation to be sampled, and the wait began. They won’t let you see the doctor until the results are back in, to make sure that they are working off your most recent results. Anyway, pretty much on the dot of 11.30, we were called back in.

Basically I have been told that I have had a ‘Very Good Partial Response’. Yippee!! My bone marrow biopsy showed abnormalities of less than 5% and my paraprotein had dropped very slightly from 4 to 3. Apparently they can’t class it as ‘Complete Remission’ unless my paraprotein had gone to zero, but this is as good as it gets otherwise!!! My consultant was really pleased and told us to go away and enjoy life! So we are pretty chuffed really. Of course it would have been nice to have had a complete remission, but to be honest, I think that sometimes it all boils down to a few words. I really have as much chance of a long or short remission as the next person, and I don’t think they could say to anyone whether or not the myeloma would return quickly or not. If my paraprotein had gone up and my bone marrow had been bad, things wouldn’t have looked good, but that isn’t the case, so we have to be really positive and pleased with the result!

I can’t quite forget about the whole myeloma ‘thing’ due to having been picked to go onto Revlimid (as I wrote in my last post)…. and because my hair reminds me every time I look in a mirror…!! But hopefully the Revlimid won’t have major side effects (none to speak of after 24 hours!) and the hair will grow.

Nick has taken this week off. We were going to get a cottage for the week, but decided that given we were in limbo about my results, that instead we would use the second half of the week to do nice stuff with the kids. Today was kept free, but in the end we decided to go to London for the day using our new Tesco Merlin passes. And hey, it turns out there is a benefit to having cancer….we got a free ‘carers’ pass which means that I can take someone with me to these places for free, and we get to fast track too! So today, while everyone else had to queue in the rain, we walked to the front for both the London Eye, and the Aquarium…..saved us about an hour and lots of wingeing from the kids! Brilliant and a lovely day was had by us all :-) Later in the week we have pumpkin carving, Legoland and maybe Warwick Castle planned!! I’m not sure we’ll get to queue jump at all of these places as I don’t have a letter from my GP yet, but you never know.