Day +9

Another uneventful trip to the clinic today. They gave me some IV fluids same as every day and did the, but I didn't need any electrolytes or blood products. My white count is up to 0.76, so still another day or two for sure. My hemoglobin also went up a teeny bit for the first time which is good news, a sign I'm making new red blood cells too. I'll need platelets again before discharge in order to get my line out, but for today I was ok. My fill-in APN, Tammy, checked in today and told me how great I'm doing. Always nice to hear it from the professionals!

Alex flew in this afternoon, so we have another changing of the guard. My Dad had been here since the beginning then my good friend Bethanie flew in from New York on Saturday to relieve him. We've known each other since college, which never seems like a long time ago in my head but when I do the math I have to face the reality! We decided it's been almost five years since we have actually seen each other. She's the kind of friend where it seems like no time has passed at all though and it's been great to spend some time with her. We used to be roomies and its kind of been like old times being able to just relax hang out…well, old times minus a lot of beer and plus a lot of bloodwork and hand sanitizer. So thank you Bethanie, I'm lucky to have you as a friend!

I'm also lucky to have the friends I met here in Little Rock, I've talked about M & J before. J started the lite arm just around the same time I did, so we've been treatment buddies. He took a bit longer break though and is starting his second transplant tomorrow. They had me over for dinner when I first came back in town, and M brought dinner over last night for me and Bethanie…grilled chicken, orzo pasta salad, garlic bread, and key lime bars with fresh whipped cream! YUM! So thoughtful and kind. I can't thank them enough the warmth and kindness they have shown me over the past few months. Bethanie only met M for 5 minutes when she dropped dinner off, but when she left Bethanie turned to me and said “I love her!”.

So hopefully just a few more days and we'll be flying home. I can't wait to see the kids and be back in my own house. I also can't wait to get the stupid line out so I can take a real shower, I'm sick of donning press-n-seal and not being able to wash my head!

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