Day 9 post transplant

Well I’m doing really well, the doctor came around earlier and said that he isn’t going to change anything at the moment, my bloods are rising which is what we want after the dip.


The platelets in Orange they are not too concerned about dropping or my Bloods in red on graph. They can always give me a transfusion of blood or platelets if they drop too low. I will be having appointments every other day at Liverpool once I go home. Also if I need to have any more GCSF injections, I will be taking some home with me and they will give me a call at home to tell me to inject myself the night before.

I’m trying to drink a lot more which seems to be going OK using a larger glass helps. If I am only taking a few tablets, I am making sure that I drink a full glass of water with it as well. They wont let me out of the hospital until I don’t need to be on any drips of any kind. The only one I have been on regularly is the saline to get some fluids into me, so I’m being a lot stricter with myself to make sure that my input and output of fluids is going well.

So like my little graphs above, I’m full of mainly smiley faces :-)

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan