Day 9 & 10

Just arrived at the outpatient center at St. Francis for weekend labs, fluids, and doc appointment. We’ve been here for 45 minutes already and she’s only had her BP and weight taken. No labwork yet which means the doctor will be here before the lab results are. Fluids haven’t been hung yet either which means we’ll be here even longer than we need to be. Not sure what the deal is but they need to get moving.
ETA: Fluids are going. The doctor came in and said things were looking good (no need for blood products today — something they mentioned possibly needing yesterday). Sigh of relief. Labwork is back and looks good. WBCs are up to 2900.


Blood pressure yesterday was significantly better. WBCs were up to 500 from 200 on Friday. Lab results didn’t show neutrophil counts so I can’t report on those. She also had to have fluids.

Lib (momma’s sister) came and took over for the afternoon so I could do a little shopping. EJ also came down for dinner and a movie — I can’t believe it had been two weeks since we’d seen each other.

I forgot to mention a few posts back that she started neupogen shots again on Wednesday. She’s not experiencing any bone pain yet like last time. We’re becoming pros at changing fluid bags, operating pumps, and giving shots. The neupogen shots as well as antibiotics will stop when neutrophils reach 15,000.

I’m leaving for a week long meeting in Atlanta later today. Lib will be staying with momma tonight and Daddy will be here tomorrow afternoon to take over for the week. Should be an easy week for him especially if she’s taken off of lock down mid week as expected.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes!

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