Day +8, Jan 5

. Skipped yesterday, Day 7

Whiny Day. White blood cells have not kicked in. Mouthsores have closed enough up up my throat so i can’t get fluids or solids down. Going without drinking or eating for 3 days is beginning to wear on me. Before all this I had all the energy and now i have squat.

I’m on a PCA with dilautid for pain. I’ll be honest, i just don’t wait on the pain to get worse. If i’m anxious or cant sleep thats a good enough reason. A nurse just came to give me the neupogen shot in the stomach to encourage red and white cell growth. (believe me when I say if given by the right nurse, it’s one of the easiest shots to take). And this was the right nurse!

Another nurse just came with something new; a suction device instead of spitting in a cup. That will work for some some of the time. Well time for my benedryl and whatever else they have hooked up to go to work. Nite, night. And ya’ll hope and pray that some numbers have increased!!!