Day 8 and hanging tough!

Yesterday was totally different from Day 6. I had to have platelets transfused because my platelet fell to 5!  I also had potassium and antibiotics. I also had a chest  x-ray to make sure there isn’t anything growing in my lungs!  So it was a long day!  I had a slight reaction to the platelets so I received Benadryl and then I was really tired and sleepy.  Today though, day 8,  I only needed potassium and the antibiotics. All my blood cells have dropped which is expected. My hemoglobin is coming down now too so maybe tomorrow I well get blood. I am feeling tired but other than that I am hanging tough!  It gets kind of boring waiting for the cells to engraft and because I have no white cells to protect from infection, I go to the clinic and  back to the apartment!!  Have to stay  away from potential infections. I read a lot and watch TV!  Exciting! :)  I won’t complain because I don’t want to get sick! I still have several weeks before I engraft!  Even then I will still be on immunosuppressant medicine (Cellcept is what it is called),that will make me susceptible to infection.  My dear daughter is my caregiver this week and she is doing a good job!  She cooked a full meal last night for me which is a big undertaking for her!! :)  She makes sure I get to the clinic on time each day because I don’t like getting up!!  I again thank everyone for all prayers being sent up for me!  I know they are being answered.  Until tomorrow be blessed!