Day 71 – Worry – November 23 2011

I’m worried about the status of the blood clots in my heart. The removal of the Trifusion Hickman Catheter went well without any imaging – so, we do not know the status of the blood clots in my heart that were detected via echocardiogram on November 2 2011 and MRI November 3 2011. I’ve been taking Fragmin (blood thinning) injections daily since November 2nd.

I emailed my transplant nurse coordinator about my apprehension. As a result, they have ordered a repeat echocardiogram. I have to wait for the echo lab to call and schedule the actual appointment.

I really want to travel home to Mackay, Idaho after my December 1 2011 appointment with my transplant doctor, Dr. Myint. However, if I have potentially dangerous blood clots, it probably would not be a good idea to be home in Mackay where I’d be a 100 mile drive from the doctor in Idaho Falls. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the clots are resolving and this will all be