Day 7 – Physician Rounds September 20 2011

Allisa (sp) a social worker came by instead of Ben Brewer, PsyD to talk to Jani and I about any emotional issues we might have. We had had good visit and I don’t think we had any big issues – just going with the flow of the stem cell transplant. In many ways, I am well suited for the isolation the shingles requires and I’m not suffering as much cabin fever as one would expect.

Dr. Myint and Nurse Practitioner Trish stopped by for visit. Dr. Myint says I am feeling just as it should be until my stem cells make their home in my bone marrow. He told Jani and I cute story about the stem cells. When I received my own cancer-free stem cells late on September 13th they were injected with a very lousy GPS system. The stem cells most probably traveled directly to my lungs, looked around and said, this is NOT our home and left. As they traveled by my liver, they thought about making home there and quickly realized there was too much going on in the liver for a new home. They swam quickly by the spleen realizing they could be swept up and killed there. Finally, they arrived in my bone marrow within 48 hours of their injection and said,”Yes, this is our home, but where is our furniture?”