Day 7 – Morning Update September 20 2011

I had a good night – sleeping between vital signs, medications, and blood draws. My shingles under my left breast on my thorax (not on my breast itself) are still PAINFUL, but I had some Percocet and used an ice bag which helped. I didn’t wear a shirt all night so the shingles could dry out a bit. They sure don’t look as bad as they HURT. The hurt continues around my side to my back, but I don’t have any lesions on my side or back (yet). My nursing care is and has been excellent.
My 4 AM blood test numbers have dropped again this morning as Dr. Myint forecasted yesterday. This is despite neupogen injections that I received September 18 and 19. My white blood cell count is 0.5, platelets at 64, and hemoglobin at 8.8.Jani came and spent most of the day with me. She worked on her projects on the new iPad and I mostly took naps.