Day 6

Day 6 is up and running. Better today with less sickness, although the dawn chorus was accompanied by the sound of retching. Strange, it passes me by and I carry on afterwards as though it was quite normal. Perhaps it is, although I thought I came from family of ‘sensititive sickers’.
I had meant to listen to the end of the ‘Test’ but I fell asleep and I missed it, I’m sure there will be opportunities later in the season.
My bloods came back earlier and I’m officially neutropenic (zero neutrophils), so from here on in it’s a waiting game for my transplant to graft and my counts to comeback up, usually about days 10 to 14. I will be keeping a graphical record of these and probably publish them here if anyone is interested.
Busy day today with lots of visits, both personal and official, which passes the time, but is exhausting.