Day 6 of 14 for Revlimid 10 mg and Two Walks – February 5 2012

Tolerating the oral Revlimid 10 mg well this Maintenance Chemotherapy Cycle 3. Day 6 of 14 and my only real issues are some diarrhea and gastritis well controlled with Prilosec 40 mg and Zantac 150 mg twice a day on an empty stomach.

Extended my Mine Hill walk to 2.40 miles with 242 feet gain of elevation today. Kemmer and I walked to the Mackay Spring Gate on the Mine Hill just above the “S” Curve.
Before I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I was walking to the Double Aerial Tramway Support and/or the Cattle Guard on the Mine Hill. I will be back to those distances some day soon.
Then, this afternoon, Kemmer and I walked here in town for 0.8 miles.