Day 6 Morning Update September 19 2011

I had a pretty good night September 18 in to September 19 2011. I continue to be nauseated and nothing seems to help, but with Ativan and Percocet, I am able to sleep through it. I’m also getting used to the hospital routines every 4 hours, and although I cannot sleep through vital signs, medication administration, and twice daily weights, I am able to go right back to sleep afterwards.

They started me on another 24-hour urine collection this morning. My 4 AM blood values are on the way up some from the neupogen shot I received yesterday.

I had a nice email from my Fort Collins oncologist, Dr. James Moore, wishing me well with my stem cell transplant. He is such a nice doctor.

Jani texted me a picture of her walk with the dogs this morning – boy, do I miss that!
Kemmer, Kady, Jani, Zoe September 19 2011
Dr. Han Myint and his following (about 8 other people) all dressed in yellow isolation gowns did “rounds” on me this morning in my room. Dr. Myint asked me if I could do a second tandem stem cell transplant based on how I felt now on Day 6 of my first stem cell transplant. I told them that I could if he thought i wold add years to my life. He said he had NOT yet decided if I would need a second tandem stem cell transplant. It was so confusing with all the people in the room, I forgot to ask him WHEN and HOW he will make the determination for the tandem transplant.
Later, the Physical Therapist came in and collected my paperwork on how I exercised came in. He also showed me how to do all of the elastic (non-latex) band exercises and I practiced a few of those. They count all of the things I do for myself like showering and brushing my teeth as exercise too. He left and brough me a 2nd band to use and a new weekly form.
JayJay (sp), the dietien aka the “Food Police” came to visit with me for a long time too.