DAY 56

Hi Everyone,

I waited to post untill i saw my oncologist today. ALl seems good my blood counts are all good but he say i am a little anemic. SO Monday i will start on procrit injections every 2 weeks for six weeks and then i will have my bone marrow biopsy to see if i got a remission. If i did he says i will go on maintenance which will be revlimid. I will probably be on revlimid even if i didn’t get a complete remisson. But all and all i am fairly well i can do most everything and the heartburn has seem to of gone away for now. Believe it or not My mother had promised me a trip to Las Vegas that was her way to give me a reason to get better. Well it worked because today i asked my doctor if he thought i would be able to go and his exact words were (i want you to go) We plan to go in April but that just goes to show that i feel better enough to think i will be in full force then and not doing bad now. My Hair has begin to some what grow back it is kinda like peach fuss now but i am hoping by April i will have my scalp covered.
Crissy tell your husband not to worry he will be okay and just tell him when he thinks it will never get better IT DOES GET BETTER . It is a little rough at first but you get better every day. I am living proof of that.
And i am hopeing he will get a complete remission from his also. IF you or he have any questions during his transplant i am here.