Day 52 – Not much happening

These past few days, Tony continues to lose weight.  Actually, he’s up then down.  Up, then down.  He is thinner than the day we got married.  (30 years ago this week-WOW)
Appetite is still not normal.
Food is not tasting right.
His stomach is doing odd things.  We had been given a kit for stool testing a while back, so today he sent in a sample.  We shall see what those results show.  I’m wondering if he still has C-Diff.
Drinking is minimal.  I’m trying everything.  Lately, I’m forcing Boost energy drinks just so he can get some calories and vitamins in.  Better than nothing.
He has begun to make the odd appearance at the office.  Not really working.  Cannot stay focused for very long.  He began driving on his own on April 21.
Tomorrow, he will be making a trip to Princess Margaret Hospital on his own.  First time ever.  I’m nervous. Downtown driving can be a parking lot.  I hope he can stay focused long enough to get back home safely.
He is getting an x-ray and his bone strengthening medication.  Appointment with the oncologist is next week, I believe.
My life has been overwhelming lately.  Trying to play “catch up” with everything on my plate.
One day at a time.

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